• No Fossil Fuel

     No Fossil Fuel develops renewable energy and other
    sustainable, clean tech projects. We are an O&M provider, and 
    work with local labor to keep jobs inside of Massachusetts.


    No Fossil Fuel takes legislative action, develops renewable energy generation facilities, provides education, and empowers our fellow citizens. We work to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come. Together, we can direct our world toward a clean, green, independent future.

  • Dartmouth Solar



     For all inquiries relating to international brokerage, please check out our Clean Power Inc. website 


    6 MW PV array using Canadian Solar panels and SMA Inverters. The site was built at an existing cranberry farm. The Power Purchase Agreements are signed with both the Town of Carver and Silver Lake Regional School District. The project was developed by No Fossil Fuel Dartmouth Solar, and was sold to Ameresco. EPC services were provided by locally owned Beaumont Solar.

  • For all inquiries regarding international brokerage, please visit the Clean Power Inc. website at the link below.

  • Marshfield Solar

    No Fossil Fuel Marshfield Solar is a 3.99 MW solar array, commissioned in December of 2013 on a privately owned landfill with Yingli Panels and SMA 750 Inverters.


    The project was developed by No Fossil Fuel Marshfield Solar and is now Owned and Operated by Washington Gas Electric Systems. The EPC services were provided by Sundurance Energy.


    The Town of Marshfield is the net metering municipal off-taker. The Town of Marshfield stands to save $2,000,000 in energy costs over the next 20 years. The amount of power generated from the facility is enough to power 500 homes.

  • Kingston Wind

    Commissioned February 2012, Kingston Wind is No Fossil Fuel’s flagship renewable energy development project. It is a 6MW farm compromising of three Gamesa 2.0 MW G90 turbines. In the first 5 years of production it has powered the equivalent of 4,309 homes a year on average. Within that same time, Kingston Wind offset 87,221,485 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been generated by an electric plant using fossil fuel as a fuel source. To put things in perspective, this carbon dioxide amount is the equivalent of 8,357 cars producing emissions for an entire year.


    No Fossil Fuel sells all Mass Class I RECs produced by No Fossil Fuel Kingston Wind to third parties.

    Filmmaker Christopher Harting and dancer Isabel Mallon really captured the majestic quality of our turbines in this short film!  Please enjoy "Windancer" in the section above.

  • Greenway Farm





    Greenway Farm is self-sustaining, all natural vegetable farm that was started in 2013 and is staffed by a group of local teens from Sacred Heart and Silver Lake Regional School District. Currently 3 acres of crops and 2 greenhouses. The farm is completely self sustaining, and we make our own compost from our chickens, vegetables, and worms. Our gardens are completely natural and we fertilize the soil with our own worm farm.


    Our Microgreens ready to be shipped to local restaurants in the South Shore and Boston.  For questions on pricing and sales orders, please contact Mary O'Donnell at 617-688-6088.

    Farm Fresh eggs daily from our own Rhode Island Red chicken!

    Koi fish for sale!  

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